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"Well, our wedding this past Saturday the 24th (2004) was a complete success. Our wedding waltz was amazing. We remembered all the steps and had fun with it. Best of all, when the music began, we just knew what to do...Everyone was touched by it. Barb and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the dance lessons that you taught us...You are an amazing instructor and we will never forget the impact you had on our wedding and, of course, our dancing!"

-Steve & Barbara Rowell, Sparks NV
"You are a very solid and methodical teacher...and you showed great care with everybody. I have been able to use some of the techniques and figures I learned, successfully, and some others do need practice...I love the Waltz. Up to now I mostly did spinning and had a few figures. This workshop added a whole other repertoire to comfortably mix in, and it fostered confidence to make the Waltz the one couple dance I really do feel comfortable leading. I often get good feedback from my dance partners, a sense that they enjoy dancing with me. Thank you so much for the waltz DVDs!"
-Arie N., Rocklin CA
"Having taken several single lessons and three or four series of lessons with Rich, I can testify to his excellence as a waltz teacher. From the very beginning I, like all the other students in the class, learned moves that I could put to use on the dance floor immediately...[and] in the process developing the skill that enables me to share a delightful waltz and all the warm feelings therein and thereafter with just about anyone...As many have said, there's magic in the waltz, so if you get a chance to study with Rich, take it!"

-Michael Brackney
   Nevada City CA



These Workshops were not recorded in a studio with professional dancers or professional video equipment. You will see REAL dancers receiving REAL instruction while in a REAL workshop. If you want to see Dancing with the Stars, you've come to the wrong place.



WORKSHOP #1 -- The Basics, including timing, 3 dance positions, and everything else you need to get started.  Watch this Workshop free (no cost, no credit card, no registration, no download).

WORKSHOP #2 DVD -- "Dancing Backward" -- Gent dances backward, lady dances backward, both dance backward.  Turns & half-turns.

WORKSHOP #3 DVD -- "Mirror Mirror" -- Mirror turns and double turns for gent & lady.  Grapevine sashay, cuddle the gent, butterfly whirl.

WORKSHOP #4 DVD -- "Screwy Turns" -- Corkscrew turns and barrel roll turns, with embellishments.




$25 BUY COMPLETE SET OF 3 DVDs (Workshops #2, #3, & #4)

Free USA shipping.  All other countries, please ask for shipping charge before you buy.  Sales tax added for shipments to Nevada.