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Interested in becoming a Caller?  Or improving your calling skills?  Here's a chance to learn from one of the most widely recognized and accomplished callers in the United States -- Erik Hoffman.  Check out Erik's web site for his professional details.

There were two Workshops, each including instruction & teaching by Erik, and then actual dances called by the newbie callers.  Be aware that a small percentage of the video dialogue is inaudible.  The video features REAL people receiving REAL instruction from a REAL person.  It was not recorded in a studio with professional actors, dancers, or equipment.

The videos were edited so that the teaching is clear and concise, and then recorded on two DVDs.  Each DVD runs 55+ minutes.



WORKSHOP #1 DVD -- THE BASICS --  Geometry of the dance.  Getting your bearings in the hall.  Squares vs Contras.  How the music and the dance relate to each other.  Place the call in the music.  Call to the beat, call to the phrase.  Teaching the dance -- who/where/when/what?  Relationship of the words to the figures.  Four potatoes and GO.  When the caller can stop calling.  Newbie callers calling dances & Erik's comments and critiques.

WORKSHOP #2 DVD -- NUTS & BOLTS -- How to get started as a caller.  Getting recognized by the "Old Guard" and building a reputation.  Using cue cards.  Calling school dances.  Building a collection of dances.  Getting paid, and how much.  Travel expenses.  Responsibilities of the callers.  Hand-held mic vs headset mic.  Playing the mic.  Working with a band.  How to start, how to stop, when to stop.

SPECIAL BONUS CD -- Erik Hoffman's 13-page handout:  CONTRA 101.


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