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"Rich's method of teaching is very clear and easy to follow and he is an infinitely patient, effective teacher. I've used all of the skills since then and had many compliments from observers and my partners as well."
-Ardath W., Auburn CA

"Excellent seller, quality DVD. Thanks."
-eBay Buyer ea33701, 2/27/07,
eBay item #280083761588.

"Course content was much better than other DVDs on the market."
-eBay Buyer Ashim, 2/23/08,
eBay item #280200149673.
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Here's your chance to learn some fancy moves that will help you stand out as an ADVANCED CONTRA DANCER.  Let's face it, ladies love turns and twirls.  It gives them a chance to show off their style (and their legs!).  Gents who can lead a great Balance & Swing will have ladies lining up to dance with them!  These Workshops were recorded live in Berkeley CA, with instruction by Rich Albanese and fiddling by Erik Hoffman.

The videos were edited so that the teaching is clear and concise, and then recorded on two DVDs.  Each DVD runs 35+ minutes.




The main teaching points include:

Swing basics.  Understanding 16-count timing.  Stabilize the lady.  What is a "balance" anyway?  Twirl at the end of a Swing.  Four-arm swing with a twirl at the end.  Twirl in the middle.  Balance left to left.  Balance right to right.  Lady's reverse turn from Swing into Chain.  Some underarm turns.  You go, I go, tummy touch combination.  Swing into a cuddle.  And more!




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