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C'mon & Waltz with us.

Friday Night Waltz starts Sept 9th, 2016

Click the link & check it out!

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And, check out these DVDs:

These dance instruction DVDs show you the steps one by one. Every step is clearly explained, then demonstrated, and then danced.

This is not Dancing With The Stars like you've seen on TV. It's REAL dance for REAL people--like you and me. Let's face it, we're not Stars and we're never going to dance on TV. But we can still learn some pretty nice steps to enhance our dance.

You'll learn from the instructor. You'll learn from the demonstrations. You'll learn from the dancers. And before you know it, you'll be doing it yourself.

Instructor Rich Albanese has been teaching dance since 1997, featuring workshops in many communities of California, Nevada and Utah, including San Francisco, Berkeley, Las Vegas, Reno, and Salt Lake City. He's also taught workshops at Contra Dance Camps such as Echo Summit, Dance Awakening, and Wasatch Wiggle. He is well known for his skill, patience, and clarity as an instructor.